OH - Creative Space
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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • No shoes are allowed (including dance shoes)! Please be very careful with our dance floor!! It is slightly thicker than a normal dance floor and marks easily with footwear.

  • The floor is white and therefore gets dirty quickly. The person before you should have swept the floor. There is a broom inside with a dustpan and brush. Please sweep the floor after your booking to leave it in a clean and tidy state. This will be gratefully appreciated! - by both us and the person after you.

  • Please credit and tag @ohcreativespace on all media and marketing publicity so we can follow your work and others can too. We welcome all support, and this will help us promote the space and show off the amazing artists we host.

  • Absolutely no eating or drinking in the space (other than water).

  • Oh Creative Space is neither responsible nor liable for any injuries or accidents that happen within the space. Make sure you have your own liability insurance for yourselves, your participants and company.

  • You are responsible for all cost of repairs of any damage that may happen during your stay. You must report any issues/ damage that you find in the studio at the start of your session otherwise you will be responsible for any damage found (and not reported) at the end of your session

  • Classes / Workshops / Large Groups will be asked for a 50% deposit payment  is due to a higher risk of damage. This deposit will be transferred directly back to you the following day after we have check everything  is all good with the space. We are reasonable people and are aware that there maybe existing marks on the dance floor, but you can appreciate the dance floor is very expensive and needs to be protected.


Payment Policy

  1. Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been made & this agreement has been signed and returned to OH - Creative Space at oh.creativespace@gmail.com By returning a signed booking form you accept all our terms and conditions.

  2. Payment details are provided within the invoice. Method of payment is via bank transfer.


Deposit Policy - If applicable

  1. If there is no damage full deposit will be returned (usually within 48 hours after your last session at OH - Creative Space). - you will need to provide account details, including Name, Sort Code and Account Number for the deposit to be returned. The Account that the deposit is refunded must be to the same account that you made the original transaction from.

  2. For Longer term bookings (over 5 days long) where full payment has not yet been collected, a deposit (of 50% of the booking fee) will not be returned if the booking is cancelled.  


Cancellation / Refund Policy*

*All cancellations will incur an admin fee charge of £20 or 30% of booking - whichever is the higher amount.
1) No refunds are available for cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance.
2) For long term bookings (over 5 days in total) and bookings which have been made at least one month in advance in order to receive the 70% refund you will be required to cancel at least two weeks in advance.


Where to find the studio?

We are located at: The Biscuit Factory, Second floor, Studio 70, Block F, 100 Clements Road, London SE16 4DG

  • 1)  The Biscuit Factory is divided into blocks. Oh Creative Space is located in BLOCK F.

  • 2)  Careful! Many people take the wrong entrance when visiting us. Make sure you enter from Clements Road.

  • 3)  If the front door is closed, you must use a code to access the building which we will provide to you once you sign this agreement and have made payment.

  • 4)  The space is located on the 2nd Floor. Follow the colourful paper signs leading to OH - Creative Space to find it.

  • 5)  Please treat the space with respect, as you would your own home and leave it clean - by sweeping the floor before you leave (broom, dustpan and brush are provided. You will need to allow 5-10 mins at the end of your session for this).

  • 6) When you find our door, please enter the code provided upon payment. Please be careful when you are putting in the code as it is very difficult to reset. Once you have access to the space, it is yours for the taking. Have fun!

Please be kind to Oh Creative Space. It was built by artists, for artists, with lots of love. Please treat it as you would treat your home!

Please be kind to Oh Creative Space. It was built by artists, for artists, with lots of love. Please treat it as you would treat your home!