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Copy of LAND(E)SCAPE by Konstantina Skalionta

  • Oh - Creative Space Biscuit Factory, Studio 70, Block F, The, 100 Clements Rd London, SE16 4DG United Kingdom (map)

LAND(E)SCAPE by Konstantina Skalionta

Event Description

Land(e)scape invites you to observe or be part of a journey through different landscapes, mindscapes and emotions in search of a new home. Can one find home in a hostile place? What does ‘home’ mean in the end and where can we find it?

During the performance you, the audience member, are invited to close your eyes, lie down, adjust your stance or walk in the space in order to experience parts of it. You are free to decide to which extent you would like to follow these directions and therefore choreograph your own journey in the performance. 

The performance ends with the invitation to draw or write, as well as examine drawings made as part of the creative process.

Please note that you will be asked to take your shoes off. Dress comfortably. 

£8.06 – £17.64
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Find more about more here: www.skalionta.com/landscape

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Concept / Choreography/ Performance: Konstantina Skalionta
Lauren Potter
Dramaturgical support: Tia Asteropi Chatzinicola
Photography: Matt Cawrey, Despina Patsika.
Supported by Dance4, NN Contemporary Gallery, the London Contemporary Dance School, Egomio Cultural Centre and Limassol Dance House.
Hosts: Sivan Rubinstein and Jessica Miller (Oh! Creative Space) 

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